So Many Great Employees, So Many Applause Awards!

applause.jpegRuth McDonnell, Jenifer Crist, Lynne Trainor, Mandy Bauman, Joy Sun, and Tami Connor, Contracts and Procurement

The Procurement staff receives many difficult contracts and PO requests from the Athletic department. As each new scenario is approached, discussed, reviewed and processed they always manage to obtain what we need to keep our ship sailing. We appreciate their efforts: following the state guidelines to get what we need. Thanks!

-- Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst

Michelle Van Fossen, Tania Crane, Raf Habtezion, Grace Herrera, Natalie Sanchez and Dusty Magallon, Accounts Payable

Amid the chaos a hiring freeze can create when you have multiple retirements and maternity leaves, the Accounts Payable staff has carried a ball that most would prefer to hand off. Our department generates much work for them and with that comes many questions and problems. During the past six months with all their staffing shortages, not once did they ever turn me away, and at every turn they did all they could to resolve the problems. They are a major campus group of unsung heroes. I appreciate all their hard work.

-- Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst

Henry Amaral, Terry Cheney, Kevin Dahlstedt, Anastacio Diaz, Steve Francisco, Bill Gardner, Vicki Irey, Dan Kizirian, Doug Bishop, Linda Respini, Facilities

The University Library recommends an Applause Award for the Facilities Team that so quickly created the new Faculty Center area on the first floor north of Schulz. A concerted effort was made by so many folks, with quick turn-arounds and tight schedules, that special acknowledgement of their professionalism, SeaWolf "can do" spirit and kind patience is in order. These folks include Vicki Irey, Henry Amaral, Anastacio Diaz, Dan Kizirian, Bill Gardner, Kevin Dahlstedt, Terry Cheney, Doug Bishop, Steve Francisco, and Linda Respini. It's wonderful people like these who help make SSU such an amazing and collegial environment. Thanks, everyone!!!

-- Nominated by Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations


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