Ramona Indrebo - Advocating for Elderly

indrebo_web.jpgThanks to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship, Ramona Indrebo will be able to "give voice to marginalized groups."

A graduate student beginning Business Management studies at Sonoma State this fall, Indrebo is a non-traditional student that the Foundation has recognized as someone who can make a dramatic contribution to society by finding ways to help the elderly.

In addition to her studies, she cares for elderly residents at her part-time job at Sunrise Assisted Living in Petaluma, and does contract work for the Marin County Health and Human Services, Aging and Adult Services, and Family Caregiver Alliance in San Francisco.

Indrebo first returned to community college after a 27-year break from school and later applied to Sonoma State University. Galvanized by her working world experience and a particularly inspiring professor, Indrebo approached her return to education with enthusiasm and a strong sense of direction.

"In coming years, the United States will see enormous growth in our elderly population as the baby boomers transition into senior citizens," she says.

"The problems for serving the elderly are many. With this sharp increase in the elderly population, ideas, solutions, and planning will be crucial. I want to be able to positively impact the quality of life for people. I did not want my lack of a master's degree to hinder me from doing this very important work."

"Being a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar has meant fulfilling a lifelong dream of earning a college degree," says Indrebo who is the proud mother of three daughters who have achieved college degrees, and a son who has just begun his adventure in higher education.

Sonoma State University originally awarded her a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Gerontology through the Psychology Department, which she completed in December 2010.

She is now enrolled in the Executive Master's degree in Business Management.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship is a selective and prestigious award, which recognizes students from a highly competitive, nationwide pool with exceptional artistic or creative promise and significant financial need.

Established by Jack Kent Cooke, this private, independent foundation's mission is to help exceptionally promising students reach their full potential through education.

- Rose McMackin

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