Steve Estes Brown Bag on Grassroots Responses to the War on Terror

bio-estes.jpegSteve Estes, History, will speak on his work, "Jihad and the Holy City: Grassroots Responses to the War on Terror in Charleston, SC" at next Tuesday's School of Social Sciences Brown Bag, Tuesday, Oct. 25, noon to 1 p.m., in Stevenson 2011.

In this Brown Bag, Steve will examine grassroots responses to the War on Terror as part of his urban history of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is an ideal place to study this topic for two reasons.

First, the Bush administration incarcerated and interrogated three enemy combatants (Yaser Hamdi, Jose Padilla, and Ali Al-Marri) for years in the Charleston Navy Brig until their cases went to the Supreme Court.

Second, Charleston is nicknamed the "Holy City" because of its numerous houses of worship and a history of religious tolerance. The work is based on a survey and follow-up interviews with clergy from various religions and denominations to determine how they responded to 9-11 and the subsequent war on terror.

Brown Bags are open and free seminars. Faculty, staff, students, and interested others are encouraged to bring your brown bag lunch, and relax for an hour while listening and discussing this and upcoming seminars on current research in the School of Social Sciences.

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