"Fasting from Electronic Media", Topic of Nov. 8 Seminar

SSU Psychology Professor Mary Gomes will present her work on "The Psychological, Social, and Academic Benefits of Fasting from Electronic Media" at the School of Social Sciences Brown Bag, from noon-1 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8 in Stevenson 2011 on the Rohnert Park campus.

Gomes is a pioneer in the field of eco-psychology and has conducted research on the impact of a one-week fast from electronic media by her students. She will present a qualitative analysis of their papers and quantitative data on the changes in their media use over the course of the semester.

Electronic media is a ubiquitous presence in contemporary life, especially among young people, says Gomes. A recent national survey found that 8-18 year olds were engaged with various forms of electronic media (television, computers, video games, etc.) for an average of over seven hours per day (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010) easily surpassing the amount of time spent at school or with family.

Such intense engagement with media has provoked alarm in many quarters. But what happens when individuals so fully immersed in media begin to withdraw from it, she asks.

Brown Bags are free seminars open to faculty, staff, students, and interested others.

For further information, contact Jean Wasp, Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator, (707) 664-2057.

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