2012 Service Award Ceremony

Employee Services is pleased to announce that the Annual Service Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 8, in Prelude at the Green Music Center. 180 staff and faculty who have reached a service milestone during the 2011 calendar year will be recognized. Recipients, joined by the President, Extended Cabinet and other members of the campus will walk down memory lane as they reflect upon their careers at Sonoma State University.

All Recipients: A personal invitation was sent to your campus email on December 15, 2011. Your RSVP is needed no later than January 18, 2012. (If you are on the recipients list and have not received your invitation please contact human.resources@sonoma.edu.)

A complete list of recipients is available at: http://www.sonoma.edu/es/recognition/service_awards/2012_service_award_recipients.pdf

40 Year Honorees
Nancy Lyons, Theatre Arts
Susan Moulton, Art

35 Year Recipients
Roger Bell, Philosophy
Noel Byrne, Sociology
Robert Girling, Business Administration
Sue Eileen Hayes, Economics
Gordon G. Spear, Physics and Astronomy
Liona Spring, Entrepreneurial Activities

30 Year Recipients
Steven Anderson, Physics and Astronomy
Tania Crane, Payables
Robin Marshall, Workstation Security and Services
Jonah Raskin, Communication Studies
Rocky Rohwedder, Environmental Studies and Planning
Tim Tiemens, Housing
Robert S. Wilson, Mathematics

For information about this program, contact Employee Services or call 707-664-2166.

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