Invitation: Drop-in Lunch Conversations

ford_ben.jpgThe Chair of the Faculty has scheduled eight lunch opportunities this semester for conversation about SSU's academic story as the institution begins it's second 50 years.

Provost Rogerson and the Chair of the Faculty Ben Ford will be there, along with President Armiñana on the dates marked *, for these drop-in dates, attendees are asked to bring their own lunches.

After Fall conversations converged quickly on collaboration and leadership as keys to SSU's academic identity, the Spring will be spent exploring what this might mean for how SSU operates.

Tomorrow will begin with a brief video of a TED talk (Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover) to spur conversation about the future of higher education in general and SSU in particular.

Spring Schedule:
Wednesday, Jan. 18*
Friday, Feb. 10*
Friday, Feb. 24
Monday, March 12
Friday, March 23*
Tuesday, April 10
Monday, April 23*
Monday, May 7

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