Campus Postal Services Relocating to Student Union Location

w_usps_logo.jpegSonoma State University's on-campus Zinfandel Post Office, which operates as a satellite branch of the United States Postal Service, has opted to not renew its contract. Beginning January 13, 2012, campus mailing services will relocate a more centralized facility at the Campus Prints Copy Center in the Student Union.

All services previously offered by the Zinfandel Post office will be retained (except money orders) in the new location. Student package pickup will remain in its previous location in an expanded Service Desk. Additionally, the Campus Prints Copy Center will now be accepting WolfBucks for payment. Long-term plans include providing FedEx and/or UPS shipping services out of the Student Union location and, eventually, the Student Center.

In September 2011, mail clerks at the Zinfandel branch were honored by the Rohnert Park Post Office for their service and professionalism. All campus postal staff will remain employed by the University. These employees have been trained by federal postal workers to manage the University's "contract postal unit" or CPU.

All campus mail services are provided by SSU's General Services department. For more information, visit the website at or contact Doug Schiller at x42360.

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