CAPS Wellness Lunchtime Workshops

Calling all SSU students! Come join us for any and all of our Wellness Lunchtime Workshops from noon - 12:50p.m. No registration or sign up necessary. Just drop-in and feel free to bring lunch.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do
· Learn how to thrive after a break-up
· Hear how to develop better boundaries between you and your ex
· Explore way to deal with your break up in a healthy way that works for both you and the people close to you
Thursday February 9th or March 8th Schulz 1121

Conversation Confidence
· Build positive social skills and experiences
· Overcome social avoidance, shyness, and self-defeating interpersonal patterns
· Learn how to design small, manageable activities that will help build your social confidence, cope with anxiety, and improve yoursocial life
Wednesday February 8th or April 18th Stevenson 3042

Coping With Anxiety
· Learn what factors and behaviors tend to contribute to anxiety
· Develop the ability to notice early signs of anxiety/panic attacks
· Acquire tools and strategies to combat anxiety symptoms
Tuesday March 6th Shultz 1121 or April 10th Schulz 3001

De-Stress Yourself
· Define stress and its effects on the mind, body, and behavior
· Identify stress inducing situations and how to cope with them
· Learn strategies and tools to help you choose ways to better manage the stress in your life
Thursday February 16th Schultz 1121 or March 15th Stevenson 3042

Developing Healthy Relationships
· Discuss important patterns to develop in the beginning of a relationship
· Learn what to do when conflict arises
· Explore healthy and problematic expectations in relationships
Tuesday February 21st or April 17th Schulz 1121

Fighting Insomnia: How to Sleep Like It's 1999

· Remember how you fell asleep quickly and peacefully when you were 8 years old? Gain a better understanding of insomnia and how it impacts your life
· Identify healthy sleep patterns
· Learn techniques and strategies aimed at improving quality and quantity of your sleep
Wednesday February 22nd or April 11th Stevenson 3042

Happiness Happens: The Psychology of Happiness

· Develop tools for achieving more happiness in your life
· Learn about the current research on happiness
· Learn to avoid and overcome obstacles to your personal happiness and develop strategies to increase happiness in your day-to-day life
Monday February 6th or March 12th Schulz 1121

Let's Talk About Sex!

· Explore the idea of your own positive sexuality
· Develop negotiation and boundary setting strategies to create fun and satisfying sexual relationships
· Learn to make better decisions about sex and sexuality
Tuesday February 28th or April 24th Schulz 1121

Procrastination and Perfectionism
· Identify the main reason we procrastinate
· Explain how perfectionism and procrastination can be related
· Learn specific strategies to reduce procrastination
Monday February 13th or April 9th Schulz 1121

Social Media: Use It, Don't Abuse It

· Learn strategies for using social media to create and maintain healthy connections with others
· Avoid the pitfalls of internet addiction, relationship drama, cyber-stalking, and bullying
· Make better decision about what information to share and with whom
Thursday March 1st or April 19th Schulz 1121

Also, don't forget about our ongoing discussion/support groups:

LGBTQQI Discussion Group
This is a drop-in group for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer/questioning/intersex students looking to make connections and share ideas. We will meet on Wednesdays from noon to 12:50 in Stevenson 2079. No sign up required - just come by!

Women of Color Groups
Come celebrate the beauty of being a woman of color at SSU!!!
Be a part of these support groups to make connections and share ideas!!
This is a safe place to talk about struggles and triumphs each woman of color
experiences here on campus

Essence of Ebony Hermanas United (new)
January 26 - May 3rd January 31st - May 1st
Thursdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Multicultural Center Multicultural Center

Finally, several faculty members have requested our guide on "Helping Students in Distress: A Guide for Faculty and Staff." Below is a link to this useful guide; and you can always access it from our website as well.

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