Applause Award: Sandra Piantanida, Administrative Coordinator, English Department

applause.jpgIn addition to many fine qualities and professional abilities, Sandy Piantanida frequently and consistently demonstrates extraordinary customer service skills. The English Department serves over 270 majors, over 40 graduate students, and most freshmen (over 700 per semester!), who must take an English lower-division GE course. Sandy makes every student she serves feel important and valued. She goes to great lengths to make sure all students get the classes they need. If she doesn't know an answer she'll find it. Her relaxed, friendly and professional demeanor is especially reassuring to new students who may feel a little intimated in a university setting. We feel very lucky and tremendously proud to have Sandy representing the English Department.
-- Nominated by Merle Williams and John Kunat, English Department, January 24, 2012

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