Comment Period Open for Excellence in Teaching Award Nominees

Congratulations to the Nominees for the Excellence in Teaching Award this year!

The period for comment for the Excellence in Teaching Award, is now open. All students, faculty, staff or anyone in the wider community may submit comments in hardcopy or via e-mail. All comments must include verifiable contact information and return address. E-mails must be sent directly to in the Senate office, Stevenson 1027. Comments are due March 2 by 5p.m.

Nominees for this year are:

Kayleen Asbo, Psychology, Social Sciences

Maureen Buckley, Counseling, Social Sciences

David Horowitz, Business Administration, Business & Economics

Lauren Morimoto, Kinesiology, Science & Technology

Laura Naumann, Psychology, Social Sciences

Scott Nickleach, Mathematics, Science & Technology

Christine Renaudin, Modern Languages Literature, Arts & Humanities

Suzanne Rivoire, Computer Science, Science & Technology

Scott Severson, Physics and Astronomy, Science & Technology

Karen Thompson, Business Administration, Business & Economics

Elisa Velasquez-Andrade, Psychology, Social Sciences

Eric Williams, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Social Sciences

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