Landscapers Create A Little Sunshine

smilingsun_nc.jpgThe seasons must be changing! SSU Landscapers Yriberto Mendoza and Jose Aceves have created a joyous flower arrangement outside of Stevenson Hall.

The display of the smiling sun was created as a way to increase spirits and positive emotions, and as a result, make SSU a happier and more beautiful place to work. Mendoza said, "We created the sun because in the winter the weather is gloomy and people's attitudes/spirits are low. Sometimes they need a reason to come out to enjoy some sun and appreciate the flowers. We wanted to give them something to brighten up their day." Aceves said, "we are very positive and happy so we wanted to share that spirit with others."

Mendoza has been with Sonoma State University for over 11 years and Aceves for two and half years. At this time Mendoza is assigned to Ives and Tuscany frontage landscaping. Aceves is assigned to Stevenson, Darwin, Salazar, Main Quad and the Rose Garden. Formerly they both covered the Green Music Center.

Mendoza and Aceves often work together on each other's areas, discovering that by working as a team, much more can be accomplished by sharing ideas to create displays that beautify the campus.

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