Survey Shows What Winery Owners Want From Suppliers

barrels.jpegDid you know that more than 67% of winery owners believe that the right suppliers help their business maintain a competitive edge? This finding plus many more interesting facts and statistics are now available in a new study recently completed by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University.

Developed by Dr. Janeen Olsen and Dr. Liz Thach, MW, the study highlights the opinions of more than 117 winery owners, winemakers, and purchasing managers. Positive supplier relationships have always been important in the wine industry, but with increased global competition and pressure to reduce costs, wineries often scrutinize suppliers more closely to obtain better pricing.

This study describes the factors that drive a winery's decision in supplier selection, as well as the types of areas in which they hope to add suppliers. Published by the Wine Industry Network Advisor, a free copy of the study results is available at:

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