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ashley.jpgBlack Scholars United is a student organization dedicated to serving as a support system academically, socially and for moral well-being for students since 1987.

The organization focuses on three main aspects: Academic Excellence, Political Empowerment and Community Involvement.

Our primary objective this past couple of years has been to increase our communication and outreach to other BSU organizations in northern California.

We have successfully established a connection with the BSU in Sacramento last semester and in March we will be on our way to the 9th Annual African Black Coalition Conference which will be held at UC Berkeley.

This is a time where BSU's throughout the UC and CSU system can network with one another while we confront some of the issues that we are seeing on our individual campuses.

The idea of connecting to other BSU's is very important because even though we are on different campuses we want each BSU to know that their mission, efforts and accomplishments are supported.

As far as community service, we have taken advantage of volunteer opportunities that have been offered through the Join Us Making Progress department within the past year.

The opportunities we participated in include, but are not limited to, the Cotati Creek Critters program, the Lake Sonoma project and the Redwood Food Bank canned food drive.

In the community, we have presented a snippet of our closing ceremony, that takes place during Black History Month, to the local middle school as well as been a part of the inauguration of the new pastor at Community Baptist church in Santa Rosa.

In addition, we have recently joined forces with 100 Black Men of Sonoma County in which Marketing Director, Derek Bradley and Financial Director, Liz Grayson, are coaches for a youth basketball team in Santa Rosa.

It is extremely important that we give back to the local community and we hope to continue to serve as a bridge between Sonoma State students and the community of Sonoma County.

Moving forward into the future, we hope to use and establish our resources to be able to offer scholarships as well as leadership opportunities, professional mentoring and workshops to our members.

We really want to make sure that the students who decide to come to our organization and become members throughout their college career feel that they are prepared for the real world.

Many times students leave college and they wish they had developed their skills more or they wish they had someone to teach them what it takes to be a successful businesswoman and businessman and we want to make sure that we provide those opportunities to them.

We also hope to become more politically involved, create positive impact both in the lives of students and the on campus community and last but not least, are seen as a respected and needed organization on campus.

We, as individuals in BSU or members of BSU, want to create change within our own communities and at this institution as well. We are on a mission towards progression as individuals and as a student organization here at Sonoma State University.

Board of Directors 2011-2012 consist of:

Academic Director - Cheyenne Aldridge

Marketing Director - Derek Bradley

Financial Director - Liz Grayson

Political Director - Troynisha Henderson

Secretary - Tamaiah Thompson

Design Director - Shaun McGinley

Professional Advisors: Matthew Lopez Phillips and Andre Bailey

- Ashley Yarbrough, President

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