Empower Your Work Space by Powering Down With New Power Strips Available to Campus Community

Make your own gesture for Earth Week and ask for installation of a new energy-efficient power strip equipped with a built-in motion sensor. More than 500 of these strips are available to the campus community for free through the Facilities Department. The new strips reduce phantom plug loads thus saving the campus energy and money and are strips are primarily used for workstations or appliances that draw a constant load and are intermittently used throughout the day. They replace all older model surge protectors currently in use.

The power strips have an 'Always On' outlet that is appropriate for CPUs, a 'Master' outlet usually used by the computer monitors, and four 'Energy Saver' outlets for non-essential loads such as phone chargers, work lights, calculators, etc. This includes anything that you won't mind having turned off while you are away.

To set up a time for your 10 minute installation, contact, Colin Joy, Energy Specialist, EHS Office/ Facilities, 42455. There is no cost to your office.

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