SSU Observes the Many Dimensions of Disability, April 23-27

daw_web_header.jpegIn 2008, more than 51 million Americans (or 18% of the population) were classified as disabled. This makes disability the largest minority group in the US, but is one that the majority of people do not often consider. The Disability Services for Students (DSS) will be sponsoring the 4th Annual Disability Awareness Week at Sonoma State from April 23-27.

The DSS office at SSU currently provides services to over 500 students on campus, a larger number than the many are most likely aware of. This year during Disability Awareness Week, DSS wants the SSU campus to learn how "Disability Contributes to the World of Diversity."

There are many misconceptions regarding disability, terminology being a very big one. Disability and handicap should not be used as interchangeable terms. A disability is caused by an accident, trauma, genetics or disease and may limit one's mobility, hearing, speech or mental function.

A handicap is often a physical barrier that is imposed on a person regardless or whether or not that person has a disability. Examples of disabilities most prominent on college campuses are learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia.

All students and faculty are encouraged to participate in the workshops and activities planned for that week:

Monday, April 23

"Disability and the Diversity Workshop Conversation" with Matt Glowacki and Anthony Tusler, -3 p.m., Student Union Multicultural Center (MCC). Matt Glowack offers a workshop on disability and diversity issues

"Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park" with Matt Glowacki, 7:30 p.m., Cooperage

Matt Glowacki examines how the television shows "Family Guy" and "South Park" break down stereotypical attitudes and behaviors regarding people's differences. For more information:

Tuesday, April 24

"Jack's Apps", 12:30-1:30 p.m., Salazar 1061. Jack Nguyen will look at available free and low-cost mobile device application and how built-in accessibility features have increased efficiency for users. Examples might include such apps as: text-to-speech, screen reader, note-taking and organization tools.

"Making Physical Activities Inclusive-Adapting, Teambuilding and Climbing Experiences," -1:30 p.m., Student Rec Center. An hour-long interactive adaptive ropes and climbing wall experience. RSVP to to reserve a spot. Twenty-five person limit.

Wednesday, April 25

"Using All Your Smarts to Learn", 2-3 p.m., Salazar 1061. Dr. Leslie Shelton provides a workshop on how we use our 8-10 intelligences to maximize our learning potential.

"Come Study with Me!" Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Opportunities, 3-4 p.m., Salazar 1061. Study Abroad Director Marisa Thigpen will discuss how disability support services might apply in another country.

Thursday, April 26

"Beyond Etiquette: Disability and Cultural Competence" with Anthony Tusler, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Schulz 1121

"Do I or Don't I: Disclosing a Disability in the Job Search Process," -12-1 p.m., Salazar 1061.

Anya Bergman (Career Services) and Valerie McKamey (Department of Rehabilitation) will lead a discussion on disclosing one's disability in employment and how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers employees with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Week Reception, 3-4:30 p.m., Student Union Multicultural Center (MCC).

Fun even to recognize seniors and announce winners of the "Spirit of Vitality and Distinction Scholarship" as well as the DSS Faculty Appreciation Award.

For disability related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Disability Services for Students office at: (707) 664-2677 or e-mail .

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