Safe Medicine Disposal Program

Use Medication Wisely, Dispose of it Safely
All drugs have risks. Even prescription medications can have serious side effects; they can be addicting and can interact adversely with other drugs and alcohol. Taking the wrong dose, self-treating, or taking leftover or outdated medication is hazardous. Taking drugs prescribed for someone else is even more dangerous and it's also illegal. The improper use of drugs is abusive to a healthy body and improper disposal harms the environment.

Come by the Student Health Center for handouts. SSU students can talk to the pharmacist anytime or make a MD or NP appointment.

Protect public health and the environment:

• Keeping unused or outdated drugs on hang contributes to prescription drug misuse.

• Putting them down the toilet or in the trash pollutes waterways and landfills which eventually will enter drinking water and the food chain.

During the Safe Medicine Program:

• Place unused prescriptions and over the counter drugs (without the containers) in plastic zip-loc bags.

• Bring them to the special disposal bin in the Student Health Center lobby near the pharmacy: 8 am - 4:15 pm; M-F April 1st through April 30th, 2012.

Sponsored by the Student Health Center and the Student Health Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Sonoma County Safe Medicine Disposal Program. For more information visit

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