Romani/Gypsy Singer & Band Coming to SSU, May 2

rusza-nicolic-lakatos.jpgWell-known Romani ('Gypsy') singer from Vienna, Ruzsa Nikolic-Lakatos, and her band will perform at Sonoma State University on May 2, at 1p.m. in GMC 1029. This concert/workshop will be open to all students & the SSU community as well as to the public, and the event is FREE.

Ruzsa Nikolic-Lakatos, born in 1945 in Hungary, is the only singer today who knows and performs the traditional Lovara songs (the Lovara are a Romani group of former horsetraders in Hungary). All songs are based on true events--some she changed to reflect her personal experiences. Last fall, her songs were recognized by UNESCO as "Immaterial World Heritage"--a great honor and recognition that was celebrated through a big concert in Vienna.

The Romani ensemble will perform on Wednesday, May 2, as part of
Prof. Douglas Leibinger's Jazz Forum:

This event is made possible through the support of the School of Arts & Humanities, the Department of Music, the German Club, and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

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