In Memoriam: Dr. LeVell Holmes

levell.jpgA philanthropist, educator, and international scholar has passed away.

LeVell Holmes, a history professor as well as a one-time chair of the history department at Sonoma State University passed away May 20, 2012.

Dr. Holmes began working at Sonoma State University in 1968 after receiving a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and teaching for many years in the Bay Area. From that point on he left an indelible mark on the university with his amazing teaching and philanthropy for SSU, and for the community through the Rotary Club, in which he was heavily involved.

At SSU, Dr. Holmes taught in the history department, but was also a prominent figure in assembling the ethnic studies program, and taught women's history as well.

He set up the Griffin and Very Lee Holmes Scholarship, and often organized groups of students to take on international trips.

Remembered by many, his past students have left him stunning reviews on the website, Including:

"Dr. Holmes was the best. It is professors like these that make history real and exciting. Hearing his stories and advice, not to mention the lifetime and wealth of knowledge that he gives, Holmes made me switch to History. Great to talk to, and play chess with, it is sad that he is still not teaching, I would take him every semester if I could."

"Great teacher! Learned a lot, and remember him to this day. (I had him in 1988)"

A memorial is planned for June 29, at Community Baptist Church in Santa Rosa at 1p.m.

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