Staff Excellence Award Recipients 2012-13

excellence.gifStaff Excellence Awards went to Cynthia Chong, Facilities Administration and Victoria Chavez, Central Campus Dining Services, at the recent Staff Appreciation Day. Visit the Excellence Awards web site for additional information about these remarkable employees.

Victoria Chavez started her career in University Dining Services at Sonoma State University in 2001. Victoria was selected because of her demonstrated commitment to the University's mission and core values, her significant improvements in student service and enhanced student satisfaction, and her significant improvements in products and production. She and her supervisor created the concept of Victoria's Kitchen at the Summer Grill and she is the glue that keeps the Commons' student production staff humming along. But more than what she produces, it is the way that she inspires the students who work with her. Victoria models the behavior that she expects to see in her students. Victoria is responsible for helping to increase student satisfaction with the food choices available to them, and has improved upon systems of production that have made her and her team successful. She supports the University's mission in every way, and is a marvelous role model not only for the students, but for us all.

Cynthia Chong has served in the Facilities Management Offices since 2002, and has become an indispensable part of the department during her tenure here, supporting Environmental Health and Safety, including SSU's ergonomics program, safety, and medical monitoring programs. She is often seen traveling through the halls with her ergonomics working case over her shoulder! Cynthia was selected for her success in enhancing student satisfaction and her contributions and commitment to the University's mission and core values. This was especially demonstrated by the work she did in last year's recycling program which was geared primarily to bring recycling awareness to our student residents. The project resulted in the reduction of trash tonnage, and increased total waste stream recycling to 31% at the residence halls...11% higher than the anticipated goal.

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