Applause Award: Administrative Information Systems and Common Management Systems Teams

Thumbnail image for applause.jpgAdministrative Information Systems Team: Kenneth Beck, Susan Bennett, Allen Cunningham, John Gleazer, Eleanor Henderson; Common Management Systems (CMS) Team: Peter Flores, Teresa James, Erica Klafter, Amanda McGowan, Cindy Miller, Meryl Montalto, Jaime Russell, Ross Stivison, Xiaodong Zhu; and Evan Ferguson, Work Station Security and Services (formerly CMS)

"The Administrative Information Systems team from IT and the Common Management Systems team are being nominated for exemplary work in successfully completing the HCM 9.0 upgrade on time and without issue. Over the year (15 months), the teams collectively logged over 10,000 hours on this project. It was very complex and demanded the resolution of numerous critical issues while continuing to support the needs of the University."

-- Nominated by Geoff Cirullo, Interim Director, Administrative Information Systems, July 9, 2012

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