Applause Award: Carol Baker and Mo Llanes, Information Technology Consultants, Workstation Security and Support Services

Thumbnail image for applause.jpg"Many thanks to Carol Baker and Modesto ("Mo") Llanes of Workstation Security and Services. They both rose to the occasion by setting up two videoconferencing interviews with very little turnaround time, using software that we don't typically use, but were easy for the candidates to operate. The first interview we tested several times, but the second we went in cold, and both worked beautifully! By setting these up, I learned about a highly effective, convenient, and easy video-conferencing method that can be used for pre-screening candidates instead of having them travel to us; a great money-saving idea for some positions. Additional thanks to Mo for graciously providing our off-campus guest with special technology assistance. Everyone on the search committee applauded your great work, Mo and Carol!"

-- Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Managing Director of Employee Services, July 2, 2012

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