Food Cycle: SSU Grad Cycles Across USA to Promote Sustainable School Lunch-Local Farms Project

alum.jpegGetting healthy, local, sustainably grown food into school lunch programs is the mission. The method is a 4,500 mile bike trip across the USA to raise funds and raise awareness for the cause.

SSU alumni Adam Williams has been cycling 4,500 miles across the US from Maine to California with his colleague Leah Heyman, as part of an effort called FoodCycle to create a connection between local, small-scale organic farms and public schools. Williams, who comes from Brunswick, Maine, holds a degree in environmental studies from Sonoma State University. He was a student speaker at SSU's commencement ceremony in 2009.

Their efforts are aimed at creating sustainable lunch programs for schools throughout the school year by tying the schools into local organic farms in their area. Raising awareness about the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in the nation is also a primary goal.

"Lunch shouldn't be a time for students to "tune out" and disconnect from their learning environment," says Williams.

"Lunch programs around the country should embrace the opportunity to educate young people about the consequences of unhealthy eating habits, as well as the effect of these habits on the local communities," he says.

"Just because we are a product of the system, doesn't mean we can't produce better results."

A video explaining their philosophy and aims can be viewed at

Williams and Heyman started their journey on April 21 and expect to arrive in Sonoma County next week. A celebration in their honor at the Redwood Café in Cotati is being planned at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

The gathering at the Redwood Café will be an opportunity to welcome FoodCycle to Sonoma County, and give Adam and Leah a chance to talk about what they're doing and why, and to share their adventures on the road.

For further information, contact Jean Wasp, Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator, (707) 664-2057.

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