Troy Cullison - Making Re-entry Count

troycullison.jpgTroy Cullison, a U.S. Navy veteran, brought a sophisticated group of skills to the SSU Liberal Studies Napa Valley Program having specialized in Instructional Technology in the U. S. Navy. But he also made a contribution in a special way for fellow students.
As one of the two program student peer advisors, Cullison found time to assist students with the complex process of navigating through a demanding upper-division workload and meeting the numerous requirements of the Liberal Studies Degree.
Cullison worked one-on-one with fellow Liberal Studies students on the Napa Valley College campus, helping juniors and seniors understand and stick to their educational plans so they could graduate in a timely manner.

Cullison also worked along side SSU's faculty advisors at the Napa site helping students finish what they may have started two to three decades ago, just as he did as a young college student. He had attended USC many years ago, but was forced to stop to make a living. After service in the military, he was ready to restart and finish his college degree.

A busy father of nine, he held down a day job and still managed to maintain an impressive GPA taking full load of classes each semester.

The SSU faculty selected Troy Cullison to graduate with distinction because he is such "a well-rounded, well-prepared student who is an articulate, sedulous individual with much to offer his community and country as a professional with a college degree."


He hopes to continue his education in the area of Homeland Security. Like many "non traditional" re-entry students, Cullison used the GI Bill as a veteran to assist him in completing his college degree this past year.

Coordinator of the Liberal Studies Napa Valley program, and Professor of English, Sandra Feldman said of Cullison:

"Rarely do we see such multitalented students move through the SSU Special Sessions Programs with such efficiency and proficiency. "

The diverse group of majors in the Liberal Studies Napa Valley, Liberal Studies Solano, and Liberal Studies Ukiah programs are mostly non traditional students, re-entry working adults, and/or veterans.

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