Students Commend a Dynamic Professor

rich_campbell.jpgRich Campbell, a professor of marketing at Sonoma State University, has been awarded the 2012 Students' Choice Award by students of the School of Business and Economics as acknowledgement of his excellence in teaching. The recipient of the award is voted on by students across the school, which sets it apart from other accolades. In response to being recognized, Campbell said, "I was tremendously honored that among all of our excellent faculty, students thought I was making a valuable contribution. It's one of the highlights of my career."

Even within the confines of a short conversation, it's clear that Campbell loves what he does. He is enthusiastic about the field of marketing and where it may be headed. He speaks highly of his students and chats excitedly about the introduction to marketing class he is currently wrapping up during this summer session, applauding the students for covering an abundance of information in a short period of time.

During Campbell's seven years at SSU, he has made quite the impact on his students, engaging them within the class and reaching out to them outside of it as well. "He is very open to helping outside of class by doing things like giving guidance finding an internship or making your LinkedIn profile more appealing to an employer," said Natalie Hodge a recent graduate of the School of Business and Economics. Campbell teaches an array of marketing courses within both the school's undergraduate program and the Executive MBA program.

Whether it is on LinkedIn or Twitter, Professor Campbell is very "dialed in" and these tools are invaluable in the marketing world. Campbell urges his students to take advantage of them as well. Nate Hayes, a marketing student in the School of Business and Economics said, "He encourages his students to get involved in, a social networking site for job listings. It helps students reach out to numerous companies across the world."

Another notable quality in Campbell is certainly his passion for sports. In fact, much of his education and interests within his field emphasize sports marketing. You can catch "Sports Marketing Prof Daily", his online newspaper covering the sports business, and follow him on Twitter @sprtsmktgprof. On the SSU campus, the sports marketing industry is one that students resonate with as well.

After being approached by a group of students who had a strong interest in the business side of athletics, Campbell came on as the advisor for the new sports business club. "His advice in the sports business club is great because he relates to the real world and keeps you updated on school events as well as public events," said Garrett Heinz, a student from the School of Business and Economics and member of the club. All of the clubs allow students to explore their interests within the business world and gain experience they can apply to future career endeavors.

Students respond well to Campbell, whether they are in a club or in the classroom. "His lectures are interesting and helpful because he talks about real-life marketing scenarios and relates them to the text," added Hayes. Campbell says he emphasizes the importance of marketing knowledge, both in other fields of business and as a consumer as well. Hodge, who was a management concentration student, said that the course material was "relevant whether you are a marketing student or not."

When it comes to marketing, the pace of change is fast. New technologies are changing the field and Campbell recognizes that. He notes, "It's important to provide the students with a foundation of the practical skills and knowledge they will need so they can apply those principles to any situation."

Campbell incorporates some of the new technologies that students have access to into the classroom. This effort includes replacing presentations with video projects and encouraging students to reach out to employers on LinkedIn. In doing so, he aims to provide his students with the skills they will undoubtedly need for future jobs. Campbell found that some students adapt easily to new online and video elements, while others find it more challenging. He notes that this can be a great thing though. "Pushing people beyond where they are comfortable is where the learning happens."

A strong mind for marketing, a passion for all things sports, and an eye on the horizon of new technologies; Rich Campbell possesses it all, along with dedication to his students inside the classroom and out. The Students' Choice Award is a way for business and economics students to recognize a professor who has made a lasting impression on their education--and that is exactly what Rich Campbell has done.

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