Applause Award: Marcia Harrigan, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, School of Extended Education and Vayta Smith, Associate Director of Admissions and Records

Thumbnail image for applause.jpg"The newly implemented Early Start Program, a summer program for new freshmen needing remediation, could not have been accomplished without the work of many, many individuals from across campus and from all Divisions.

However, two people stand out for their outstanding work in getting students to select and enroll in Early Start this summer: Marcia Harrigan and Vayta Smith. Marcia and Vayta both put in untold hours of their time getting SSU's new freshmen who needed English and/or Math remediation to sign up for the summer online courses. This involved communicating with over 800 students, coordinating class schedules, and answering numerous email and phone inquiries from students and their parents.

Marcia was responsible for scheduling the on line classes, working with the English and Math Departments to hire faculty, adding classes as demand required, and answering a myriad of questions from students, parents, faculty and staff.

Vayta developed SSU's webpage on Early Start, continued to update it as new classes were added, coordinated efforts with the CMS staff, and communicated several times by email and phone to remind students to sign up for the classes.

Both Vayta and Marcia were immediately responsive to questions and concerns raised regarding implementing this newly mandated program. I want to thank Marcia and Vayta, on behalf of the Early Start Committee, for their cheerful willingness to take on this new mandate and for how successfully they accomplished it!"

-- Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, July 26, 2012

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