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Comcast Newsmakers came to the campus this semester to talk with Claudia Luke and Elaine Leeder. The program takes viewers inside "the conversations that matter" and highlights elected officials, community, non-profit and educational leaders as they discuss key issues and topics that affect the local communities of Northern and Central California.

Claudia Luke, Director of Field Stations and Nature Preserves

Claudia Luke discusses the ways that the University uses its two nature preserves - Fairfield Osborn and Galbreath Wildlands - to create innovative educational programs to infuse a love of learning about science among students. During the 2012-13 semester, the campus is using water as a "place-based" theme in many of its courses to address the issues surrounding this invaluable resource.

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Elaine Leeder, Dean of Social Sciences

Sonoma State University Dean of Social Sciences Elaine Leeder tells Comcast Newsmakers host Barbara Rogers about her work with "lifers" at San Quention prison. Leeder's book, "My Life with Lifers, Lessons For A Teacher: Humanity Has No Bars," is part autobiography, part manifesto for prison reform. A Professor of Sociology, her non-fiction work explains her experiences while teaching men serving life sentences in state prisons. Leeder's own perceptions of inmates changed since working with them and she now seeks to shatter stereotypes about prisoners being undeserving of a second chance at a normal life.

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