It is Geek Week. Math and Science Students Seek Their Own Kind of Fun...and the Darwin Cup


"Geek" used to be a less-than enviable attribute, but that's all changed. Geeks are those passionately devoted to some pursuit, usually "techy." The term Geek is now worn with pride--along with t-shirts sporting the periodic table or an abstract math or stats conundrum.

The Geeks have gathered at SSU this week, celebrating the University's third year of Geek Week with competitions such as the Mud Pie Mash-up or the Pi Throw (celebrating Pi Day), all in fun and with the purpose of generating funds for year-long needs including helping send students to the Northern California Undergrad Math Conference in April.

The competitive events are dynamic. They usually include an egg drop, a paper airplane toss, dodge ball tournament, tug of war, and symbol hunt. Each club decides which event they want to put on and then organizes it.

And, the stakes are high. One team each year is awarded the "Darwin Cup," a foot high shiny, black and gold trophy that for the past year sat proudly in an engineering science electronics lab in Salazar Hall. The end of this week could see it go to a different program.

"Many science students wanted to be involved and have fun and expressed interest in being a part of Geek Week," says Jude Rowe, president of the Physics Club "Also the science clubs wanted to generate our own cross-disciplinary relationships with each other, have fun, and be a little more social."

Geek Week is not only held at SSU. Here the event started with science-based majors only. This year they opened up the competition to all clubs.

"The Anthropology Club, for instance, joined us and we had a great deal of interest from others. This is becoming a wonderful tradition for SSU," says Rowe.

UPDATE: This year's winners were 1st - Biology; 2nd - Electrical Engineering and
3rd - (Tie) Math/Stats & Physics.

ABOVE: Scott Parmley, an Electrical Engineering major, hopes to hold on to the Darwin Trophy for another year. But the Biology Club prevailed

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