SSU's Model United Nations Delegates Garner Four Awards at National Conference

delegation-at-un.jpgSSU's delegation to the Model United Nations were split between two countries - Serbia and Ukraine - which made preparations more challenging. But they came home with four awards.

SSU's delegation to the Model United Nations in New York City spent a successful spring break in an award-winning way.

The 24-member delegation returned from their trip with four awards at the annual National Model United Nations conference which saw more than 400 schools and 2,500 students from around the world. They were split between two countries - Serbia and Ukraine - which made preparations more challenging, said faculty advisor Cynthia Boaz.

Both of the SSU delegations were given the "Distinguished Delegation" award for excellence at the conference. Additionally, two committees (General Assembly 1st and 4th committees representing Ukraine) were given an "Outstanding Position Paper" award.

Upon arrival in New York, students met with the ambassadors from both Serbia and Ukraine at the Permanent Missions of those countries to the UN.

"In our generation, resourcefulness, dedication, passion, networking, and perseverance are to be regarded as the most important characteristics and traits that we must find within ourselves so as to further our knowledge and experience in school and in our careers. Model United Nations brings all of these traits together in a cohesive and nurturing environment that takes place in just 5 days. It is a truly unique an wonderful experience." --Andrew V. Sousa

"The Model UN experience taught me true leadership skills. Being able to say I co-led a group of 22 students to an international conference is truly remarkable. This opportunity provided me with situations that put any student leader to the test and was worth every moment I put in." --Drew Nichols, Head Delegate

Then they spent five days simulating various committees of the United Nations, with the goal being to emerge from the conference with a series of resolutions or reports upon which the committee members could agree. The conference culminated in a final session at the UN Headquarters, where students got to cast their final votes in the real UN ambassadors' seats in the General Assembly.

This is the first year that the delegation has included Model UN veterans-- students from the previous year who fundraised to cover their expenses to return to MUN. Their presence on the delegation, along with the leadership of two strong "Head Delegates", helped support the award-winning delegation.

This year's delegates were: Molly Alcorn, Maria Almanza, Evan Bird, Kevin Angelo Brown, Tania Castro, Sara Dinari, Rachel Dugan, Ricky Frankel, Christian George, Patrice Halcrombe, Dan Hunt, Anita Latham, Stephanie Lervold, Ryan Mahoney, Cory Pollard, Meredith Watkins, Garrett Wessel, and Danielle Wong.

mun-in-un.jpgSSU delegates inside the UN Great Hall.

The veterans were: Andrew Sousa, Salvador Garcia, Mireya Parada, and Jen Lampreht. The head delegates were: Andrew Munson and Drew Nichols. Almanza and Castro (GA1) and Garcia and Frankel (GA4) were the position paper award winners. Faculty advisor and class instructor is Cynthia Boaz.

"The delegation worked diligently all fall semester to fundraise for the trip and were proud to represent SSU so successfully at National Model United Nations," said Boaz.

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