Jazz Studies Student Publishes 40-Something Love Story

alisonspotlight.jpg It is only fitting for Jazz Studies major Alison Poteracke to name her first book of fiction after the jazz standard, "Body and Soul." Wait. Book of fiction? By a music student? It is true, Alison's love story about two forty-something musicians has been picked up by Tate Publishing and is due for release this summer.

Of the tens of thousands of submissions that Tate receives every year, only a few are selected for publication. Alison, who plays the tenor saxophone and studies jazz composition and audio engineering, wrote the book during recovery from hand surgery.

"I sent it to a publisher that helps to get beginning writers off the ground," she said. "I signed a contract with them but couldn't believe it was true until I received a proof copy in the mail."

Alison says that her family is even more thrilled than she is. Her dad, uncle and aunt are all writers but Alison is the first in the family to have a completed, published book.

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