COMMENCE 2013 Highlights Student Public Sculpture Projects Across Campus

A look inside the Commence 2013 process with sculpture professor Jann Nunn and her students who have created public works across campus from May 2-11. (Video by Jean Wasp, edited by Sarah Dowling)

Beginning on May 2, 20 sculpture projects are on display throughout the Sonoma State University campus as part of COMMENCE 2013.

The public art exhibit features work by SSU sculpture students, who used various materials to bring their artistic visions to life. These materials range from plaster, wood, steel, clay, and rope to found objects and glass.

The sculptures are on display through Commencement on May 11. Students, faculty, staff and the local community are invited to attend an artists' reception and tour of the projects on May 7, from 4- 6 p.m. beginning at the Sculpture Courtyard.

For more information, contact Jann Nunn at

Sculptures include:

1. Studio Art Foundation Class
Personal Flags
Mixed Media Installation
Art Building Garden Corridor

2. Rachel Bean, Art Studio, Junior
Everything Is, Or Will Be Okay
Mixed Media Installation
Gallery NOW, Art Building

3. Sammi Bentovoja, Art Studio, Senior
Bottle Service
Steel, Glass
Near Ives Hall

4. Stephanie Bream, Psychology, Senior
Wood, PVC, Plastic
President's Lawn

5. Catherine Daley, Art Studio, Senior
Aurora #313
Aluminum, Plexiglas, Powder-coated Steel
Meditation Garden

6. Catherine Daley, Art Studio, Senior
Recycled PVC Tubing, Wire, Heart, Paint
President's Lawn


7. Sarah Davis, Art Studio, Senior
I'm So Lonesome for You, Darling
Plaster, Fabric, Ink
East Side of President's Lawn

8. Milton Del Valle, Art Studio, Senior
Wire Mesh, Fabric
Butterfly Garden

9. Darin DuVander, Education, Graduate
Steel, Found Objects
East Side of Darwin Hall


10. Alex Frazer, Anthropology/ Art Studio, Senior
Ceramic, Steel
Front Entrance of Student Union/ Pub

11. Caitlyn Harvey, Psychology, Senior
Multiple Views
Steel, Copper, Mirrors
Near Library

12. Ashleigh Hayflich, Art Studio, Sophomore
Paper, Stain, Glue, Wire
Near Art Building

13. Hyo-Sun Heinz, Art Studio, Senior
Steel, Paint
Stevenson Courtyard

14. Haley Kaufeldt, Art Studio, Senior
Trouble in Lumpy Space
Wood, Plastic, Clay
Rachel Carson Hall

15. Allison Kehrli, Kinesiology, Senior
Keep on Loving
Plaster, Steel
Field House Courtyard

16. Madison McRonald, Art Studio, Sophomore
Behind Art Building

17. Shella Pimental, Art Studio, Senior
Plaster, Metal
Between Library and Darwin Hall

18. Michael Walton, Art Studio, Freshman
Wood, Clay
President's Lawn

19. Joshua Wermers, Earth Science, Senior
Lawn Behind Library/Schulz Information Center

20. Geena Woods, Undeclared, Freshman
The Void
Fabric, Rope
Near Ives Hall

Above, Aurora #313 by Catherine Daley, Mediation Garden outside Stevenson Hall. Center photo, Tentacles by Alex Frazer, front entrance of the Student Union/Pub. Bottom photo, Ascending by Hyo-Sun Heinz, Stevenson courtyard.

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