McCuan Serves on Election Reform Panel with Congressmen Also on HUFFPO LIVE! Discussing Gun Control Through the Ballot Box

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for davidmccuan.pngPolitical Science Professor David McCuan recently participated in a public forum on election reform with Congressmen Jared Huffman and John B. Larson at Dominican University. McCuan joined the congressmen as the lone academic representative. "This was a pretty prestigious invite by Congressman Huffman," McCuan said.

The invitation was extended by Huffman and his office and marked the first constituent meeting/ town hall of his congressional career.

McCuan sat on a panel alongside Larson who earlier this year was named Chairman of the Task Force Election Reform by Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. The Task Force was created to develop a legislative agenda for reforms to take big money out of politics and address flaws in the electoral system.

Phillip Ung of Common Cause, a nonprofit advocacy organization working for political change in America, also spoke at the forum. Students from Dominican College, College of Marin, SSU, and other community leaders were able to discuss these issues and ask questions.

Attending the forum allowed McCuan to share his thoughts concerning campaign finance and reform with individuals who can readily implement those ideas.

He recalls that both Congressmen were "furiously writing notes about the ideas I put forth and asked for a copy of my remarks and talk afterwards."

McCuan regularly offers his perspective on KSRO and KCBS radio one to two times per week depending upon what is happening in politics.

McCuan recently participated in a Huffington Post Live! event on putting gun reform in the hands of the people through ballot initiatives. It can be viewed at

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