Sullins Discusses Moral Arguments for Robotic Weapons Arms Control

johnsullins.pngPhilosophy Professor John P. Sullins will be presenting an invited paper on the moral arguments for robotic weapons arms control as well as speaking on a panel on ethics and autonomous weapons at CyCon, June 4-7, 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. This conference is sponsored by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence and IEEE.

His paper will focus on the ethical criticisms of the overuse of telerobotic and semi-autonomous weapons systems which have been enthusiastically embraced by politicians and militaries around the world. The paper suggests certain considerations motivated by the philosophy of technology that might be worthy of addition to future robotic arms control treaties.

Sullins argues that these technologies, through the process of reverse adaptation, can change our notions of just-war theory to the point that caution in their use is recommended until further analysis of these effects can be accomplished.

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