Huge Successes Amongst Lake County Upward Bound Seniors

upwardsmall.pngLower Lake High School's Upward Bound program, in conjunction with Sonoma State University, celebrated another group of successful high school students who proudly enter college this fall.

Upward Bound is an educational opportunity program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to assist low income, first-generation students to prepare for and be successful in college.

The funding for this program is awarded to Sonoma State University, who partners with Lower Lake High School to deliver services to students.

Statistics show that students from underrepresented groups, including low income families, have more barriers to college enrollment and success. Upward Bound is designed to address these barriers and give students an opportunity to succeed.

This year's Upward Bound seniors worked hard all four years of high school to reach their goals. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA, encouraged to take advanced placement and honors classes, perform community service, and serve as leaders in their school. Using program funds, they have visited more than 30 college campuses in California, Oregon, and Nevada, helping students to make a good decision about what college is right for them. Of the 21 seniors, 18 were accepted to 4-year universities, and all will attend in the fall. The other 3 will attend community colleges or an art institute.

Upward Bound seniors are attending UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Merced, University of Hawaii, Cal Lutheran, University of Redlands, Humboldt State, CSU Sacramento, Cal State LA, CSU Eastbay, San Francisco State, CSU Monterey Bay, Cal Maritime, Art Institute of Sacramento, as well as several community colleges.

These students were also awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships, grants, and financial aid awards. "Their success would not be possible without the support they receive from the teachers and staff at Lower Lake High School, as well as the Upward Bound program," says Shannon Smith, director of Upward Bound Lake Programs. The program will continue to serve younger generations Lower Lake and Upper Lake High School students and is currently funded through 2018.

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