SSU's War and Peace Lecture Series Looks at Intelligence Communities, the Internet and More

The intelligence community in a democracy, internet technology and the non-violence movement are some of the the compelling topics featured in Sonoma State University's long-running War and Peace Lecture Series this semester. The series is free and open to the public and held on Mondays at 7 p.m. in Warren Auditorium.

Key speakers are peace scholar Michael Nagler, author Normon Solomon, and Colonel Ann Wright. Tim Wandling, Professor of English, hosts the series.

The schedule includes:

Sept. 9 - The Intelligence Community in a Democracy: The Tension Between Open Government and Demands for Security
Andy Merrifield, Professor of Political Science

Sept. 16 - State Crimes Against Democracy

Peter Phillips, Professor of Sociology and Former National Director of Project Censored

Sept. 23 - Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lynn Cominsky, Professor of Physics

Sept. 30 - The Media Politics of War: From the North Bay to Iraq
Norman Solomon, Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Oct. 7 - Internet Technology: Liberating or Controlling?
Farid Farahmand, Professor of Engineering Science

Oct. 14 - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Historical Context and Personal Reflections
Therese Mughannam, Chuck Sher, and Laure Reichek, Peace Activists and Bridge-Builders

Oct. 21 - Voices of Conscience
Colonel Ann Wright, USAR and US State Department (retired)

Oct. 28 - Global Governance, People Power and Nonviolent Solutions
Cynthia Boaz, Professor of Political Science

Nov. 4 - Veterans Panel

Coordinated by James Bliefus, writer and veteran

Nov. 18 - Nonviolence and The New Paradigm
Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and President of Metta Center for Non Violence

Nov. 25 - Peace and Protest in the Arts

Tim Wandling, Professor of English

Dec. 2 - Peace Through Sustainability
Jason Mark, Journalist and Organic Farmer

For further information, contact Tim Wandling, (707) 664-2796.

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