A Conversation about Youth, Social Justice and Andy Lopez

lopez_andy.jpgOver the last several days, the SSU community has grappled with the recent shooting death of Santa Rosa's thirteen year old Andy Lopez by Sonoma County sheriff's deputy, Erick Gelhaus. In addition to discussing this tragedy in the classroom, SSU students, faculty, and staff have also participated in conversations and activities in Santa Rosa. An integral part of the well-being of the larger regional community, SSU continues its legacy of civic engagement, service learning, and community leadership.

In this spirit, Tuesday, November 5, SSU will hold a public conversation on the topic of youth and social justice - the larger context in which the killing of Andy Lopez will be discussed. The conversation will begin with perspectives from on-campus professionals, based upon their areas of expertise and connection to the Santa Rosa community. Professionals will include Ron Lopez (Chicano and Latino Studies), Margie Purser (Anthropology), Napoleon Reyes (Criminal Justice), and Mark Fabionar (Leadership/Student Affairs). Following these framing perspectives, students and other SSU community members will have the opportunity to actively participate in the conversation. One question that will be explored, in light of this tragedy, will be how SSU can continue to contribute to the well-being and leadership of our larger regional community.

After the end of the formal program, student leaders from the Hutchins Dialogue Center will remain to continue to facilitate conversations for those who wish to stay.

This program is jointly sponsored by the President's Diversity Council (PDC), Senate Diversity Subcommittee (SDS), Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality and Creativity (The HUB), The Hutchins Dialogue, and the Offices of the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, and Associated Students Diversity Senator.

Where: The Commons

When: Tuesday, November 5

Time: 12:00 p.m. -1:30 p.m. campus community is encouraged to attend

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