Maureen Buckley Discusses Impact of Parental Involvement on the Academic Achievement of Latino Students, Nov. 5

maureen_buckley1.jpegThe School of Social Sciences Brown Bag series welcomes Maureen Buckley, Counseling, to discuss her recent work "The Impact of Parental Involvement on the Academic Achievement of Latino Students" at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 5, in Stevenson 2011.

Research on family involvement and school-family-community partnerships are considered cornerstones of academic success of students in K-12 settings. Yet, traditional models of effective/successful parent involvement, it may be argued, are social constructions that privilege, legitimize, and represent White middle class norms and expectations, says Buckley.

"Educators endorsing these models may fail to recognize and understand the successful practices followed by parents who are not represented by such models," she says. "Thus, unconsciously and unintentionally educators will fail to leverage these important contributions while bemoaning what they perceive to be apathy or disinterest on the part of families."

This session will share findings from a literature review exploring involvement of Latino parents, particularly those who are first and second generation. This includes an overview of the often unrecognized contributions Latino families bring to the educational experience of students, as well as school factors that may marginalize these families.

Buckley says "The goal is to open a conversation on how we can increase the school-family connection for our local Latino families by innovating our understanding of the construction of what family involvement means and how schools can foster family connections.

The School Brown Bags are always free, held on selected Tuesdays throughout the term and open to faculty, staff, students, and interested others.

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