"Out of the Box: New Work from a New Generation" Opens in University Library Gallery

outofthebox.jpgThe University Library Art Gallery announces a new exhibit called Out of the Box: New Work from a New Generation. The exhibit runs through Dec. 12.

The exhibit developed from an effort that began in the Spring 2013 semester with students from Art Studio 470: Art Theory and Practice, an advanced seminar course taught by Professor Michael Schwager and Professor Mark Perlman, that combines lectures and discussions of current topics in contemporary art with studio-based projects. It continued this fall with Art History 480: Selected Topics in Curatorial Practice, an advanced GE seminar course designed to explore the changing role of the curator in relation to contemporary art.

The Theory and Practice students were given a series of current themes and topics--including the Readymade Object, Appropriation, Image and Text, Identity and the Body, and Conceptual Art--to which they would respond to by creating works of art. Each Curatorial Practice student was then assigned to work with two of the Theory and Practice artists and select what they felt was their strongest work for this exhibition. In addition, the Curatorial students wrote the descriptive labels that accompany each of the objects.

Students from several majors across campus have participated in the exhibit that features the art work of 18 SSU student artists: Kristina Baker, Tyler Busse, Danielle Cartier, Patrick Cass, Angela Dela Cruz, Ashley Farlan, Lindsey Garrison, Robbie Geiss, Samara Johnson, Andrew Kosimov, Jessica Lee, Ariel Lockshaw, Kate Logue, Jose Mclennan, Catrina Morbidelli, Hadley Radt, Justin Ringlein, and Alma Valverde.

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