WolfBucks for Books Awards Triple in Second Year

wolfbucks.pngLaunched at the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, WolfBucks for Books was designed to help ease the transition to college life and give students that do not otherwise have the means, a scholarship in the form of Wolfbucks, so they can purchase books and other school related supplies before classes start.

In the inaugural year, Wolfbucks for Books provided 15 students with awards to support a successful start to their semester. Thanks to generous donors, that amount tripled last year's awards and provided support to 58 students for fall 2013.

"I owe a lifetime of gratitude and thanks for having received this award. I needed it dearly, and it helped me purchase a few books as well as paid for a couple of loads of laundry! I think this award reflects well on Sonoma State University, and how much they care about students getting the help they need financially. They go above and beyond, and I know the students appreciate it greatly."
- P. Saldana - Class of 2016

"I would like to thank you for assisting me with purchasing my books in my first semester of college. I spent my whole award on books because that was my priority. Without your help I would have spent more than $300 just this semester. I am glad that there are people who care about student success. Thank you very much for the help you contributed to us, the future community."
- B. Figueroa - Class of 2017

You can support the WolfBucks for Books program with a gift of any size. Invest in the WolfBucks for Books program online at www.sonoma.edu/development or contact Laurie Ogg, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, 707-664-2036.


Students receiving WolfBucks for Books awards with Distinguished Alumnus, Charles Bonner, 1972 (left) and Ralph Jaeck, Director, SSU Alumni Association Board, 1967.

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