Switky Tells Dramatic Story of Top Secret WWII Mission

switky.jpgRobert Switky, a lecturer in the political science department, has recently published Wealth of an Empire: The Treasure Shipments that Saved Britain and the World which tells the dramatic true story of a top-secret mission that changed the course of World War II.

His work unveils the tale of Great Britain's shipment of virtually its entire treasury across the treacherous waters of the North Atlantic to safety in the United States and Canada. Had the Germans captured or sunk the treasure-laden ships, the war could have been lost more than eighteen months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. More details can be found at ‪https://www.sonoma.edu/users/s/switky/.

Switky received his Master's Degree in International Studies and PhD in Political Science from the Claremont Graduate University in southern California. He has written numerous articles on international affairs and European politics. His teaching focuses on American government, ideologies, and international relations. His research interests include war, European politics, and international political economy.

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