"The Good Company" Continues to Tell the Stories of Sustainable Businesses

company.jpgProfessor Robert Girling of the School of Business & Economics continues to tell the inside story of twenty inspiring companies that prioritize people and the planet in the revised edition of his book, The Good Company.. Compassionate companies can both change the world and make a profit. TOMS Shoes. Clif Bar. Eileen Fisher. Google. Give Something Back. Such names are synonymous with successful companies that are simultaneously making the planet a safer, healthier place, he says.

In The Good Company, Girling offers inspiring news: a growing number of companies are transforming the status quo formerly dominated by old-style businesses focused on narrow self-interest, arrogance, and insensitivity to the greater good. What's more, they are making a profit doing so.

"This is a truly outstanding book that convincingly and persuasively balances the need for the traditional corporate focus on financial returns with today's growing, powerful, and critical requirement for equally serious and thoughtful focus on employees, communities globally, and environment...A 'must read' for every corporate executive (and others) who truly cares about her/her company and wants to understand the dramatically changing world around them." - Peter Howley, chairman, The Howley Group.

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