Academic Proposals Push Creative Use of Green Music Center


The Green Music Center (GMC) Board of Advisors and University Affairs Committee has approved $97,450 of funding for several proposals of academic integration for 2013-2014.

The projects will build and showcase academic interaction with the GMC in novel and exciting ways. The scope of projects is deliberately broad to allow for creative proposals that go beyond using the GMC as a standard lecture theatre.

The overriding goal is to fund proposals that demonstrate tangible connections between the academic program and the GMC. An open and competitive process requesting submissions from tenured and tenure-track faculty resulted in nine proposals.

The proposals to receive funding are:

Proposers: Jon Fukoto, Monica Lares, Jennifer Lillig and Carmen Works
Department: Chemistry
Title: Utilization of the Green Music Center to Expose the SSU Community to Chemistry Through Two Unique Lecture Events ($10,000

Summary: To pilot two broad and unique lecture events that will interest chemistry students, faculty, the SSU campus, and the community. The first event will be a lecture presented by a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Lou Ignarro. This will be followed be a reception for invited guests that would include students, faculty, local industry, and local scientific researchers. The second event will be a Chemistry of Wine Lecture. For this event Dr. Phil Crews, a Professor of Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz and owner of Pelican Ranch Winery, is invited to speak on the topic. Following the lecture will be a wine-tasting reception with Dr. Crews and local wineries.

Proposer(s): Scott Miller, Bruce Berkowitz, Lorna Catford, and Julie Greathosue
Department(s): Writing Center, Associated Students Productions, Transition Programs,
Title: Freshman Common Read ($5,000)

Summary: Continue to develop and expand a campus-wide initiative to integrate a common reading program for first time freshmen. All incoming SSU students will be required to complete a summer reading book prior to the first day of class. SSU staff and faculty will be encouraged to read the book, and partnership will be sought in the community to broaden the program's reach. Within the first six weeks of class, the author will come to campus to speak to all first-time-freshman, the SSU community, and invited community members in the Green Music Center and conduct a master class or workshop.

Proposer(s): Christine Renaudin, Emily Acosta Lewis
Department(s): Modern Languages and Literatures, School of Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies
Title: Arts and Humanities Second Year/Sophomore Symposium at the GMC ($10,000)

Summary:To use the Green Music Center weekly for lectures in relation to a new course currently in development to be hosted in Schroeder Hall. Also proposed is to use Weill Hall, its lobby and lawn, as the venue for an end-of-the-semester symposium, The symposium will offer students involved in the course a designated opportunity to share and showcase their research and creative accomplishments. Envisioned is a free, open house where members of the campus community and the community at large can witness the results of undergraduate research scholarship and creativity in the form of poster sessions, lecture sessions, exhibitions, installations, performances, organized debates, information platform, and workshops.

Proposer(s): Dr. Daniel Melero Malpica and Dr. Patricia Kim-Rajal
Department(s): Arts and Humanitites
Title: Performance Art and Social Justice ($7,000)

Summary: Seeks to bring local and international cutting-edg performance art to the Green Music Center integrated with the Arts & Humanities Learning Community course Latinos and Social Justice (CALS 160AB). The main goal of the proposal is to expose and educate freshmen (and the broad SSU community) to how social issues affect individuals and communities. The proposal intends to bring a theatre troupe, a novelist, a musical ensemble and a performance artist that will be directly tied to the content of the course.

Proposer(s): Paul Draper, Claudia Luke
Department(s): Theater Arts & Dance, SSU Preserves
Title: SSU Works: Cross Disciplinary Projects in Sustainability ($10,000)

Summary: "SSU Works" is a dynamic, marketing and communication initiative that increases public awareness of sustainability issues, engenders research, classroom and extra-curricular projects, and creates cross-disciplinary arts and humanities experiences that change behavior and move the institution and individuals toward a more sustainable future. Proposed is a Sustainability Expo along with other related events, performances, and programs.

Proposer(s): Lynn Cominsky, Haider Khaleel, Bala Ravikumar
Department(s): Physics, Engineering, Computer Science
Title: Integration of Music and Audio Principles within Engineering Science, Physics, and Computer Science Course as a Pedalogical Support ($13,000

Summary: To use the Green Music Center as a laboratory space to facilitate the integration of engineering, physics, and computer science subjects to increase student retention and exposure. Principles of music, audio, and acoustics will be used to instruct using a realistic hands-on experience promoting active learning.

Proposer(s): Lynn Cominsky, Mike Jones
Department(s): Physics and Astronomy
Title: Precision Measurements of Concert Hall and Classroom Acoustics ($18,450)

Summary: Proposal for the purchasing and utilization of a room acoustics measurement system to be used to make detailed measurements, which can be used in the Physics of Music class. The acoustic parameters of music and speech reproduction will be measured for rooms in the GMC as well as classrooms and other larger venues such as Person Theatre. The equipment will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of acoustical elements during tours of the GMC facility. In addition, students will be instructed to make their own recordings of rooms on and off campus using smartphones or tablets and these will be analyzed in class. This information could be featured in the Physics of Music class and made available for publication in other forms.

Proposer: Brian Wilson
Department(s): Music
Title: REDNET ($14,000)

Summary: To complete the upgrade of Walford Recording Studio in Ives Hall 32 with RedNet capability. The previous GMC Academic Integration Grant identified a three-tiered approach which allowed the completion tier one (upgrading software and hardware). and we have identified funds which are currently allowing us to complete another tier (space remodel). This proposal is for the final tier, which will specifically be used to purchase Red Net capability to fully integrate the GMC concert spaces, Weill and Schroeder Hall with the Wolford Recording Studio in Ives Hall.

Proposer(s): Kristen Daley
Department: Theater & Dance
Title: Oakland School for the Arts Collaboration (Year 2) ($10,000)

Summary: This is an outreach proposal to create collaboration between the Oakland School for the Arts (K-12) and Sonoma State University's Theatre Arts & Dance Department. As a magnet school, Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), is devoted to intensive pre-professional training in the arts within a college-preparatory curriculum. By partnering with an ethnically and racially diverse charter school, this proposal responds directly to the complex issues involved with recruiting a diverse group of students to SSU, by supporting the mission of the University and of OSA, and enriching the students' experience.

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