Ezra Explores "The Trials of of Muhammad Ali," Feb. 11

aliitrials.jpgSSU Professor Michael Ezra, author of the book "Muhammad Ali: The Making of an Icon," leads a question-and-answer session following a free screening of the 2013 documentary "The Trials of of Muhammad Ali" at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the Rialto Cinemas, 6868 McKinley St, Sebastopol.

The critically acclaimed film is directed by Bill Siegel. Ezra is a professor of American Multicultural Studies and teaches courses on civil rights.

Ezra served as a consultant on the project, and he is often sought out by the media for commentary on the life and times of Muhammad Ali. Most recently, he helped director Ang Lee with the research for his upcoming movie about Ali, Joe Frazier, and the 1970s. See Ezra's comment on the recent Ali HBO film in the BBC article at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22308388.

ezra.jpgEzra's books focus on the economic aspects of the civil rights era, including "Civil Rights Movement: People and Perspectives" and "The Economic Civil RIghts Movement: African Americans and the Struggle for Economic Power."

"The film opens with a bang," says Ezra, "that will make it clear just how strongly large segments of the population despised Ali and wanted to see him banished from boxing and sent to jail."

Ezra believes that the movie "is a good reminder of just how much Ali had on the line, as well as an entertaining and exciting documentary. I hope people will come with their questions about the incomparable Muhammad Ali."

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