Geology Lecture Series Kicks off With UC Project Scientist

srmulcahy.pngSSU's geology lecture series kicks off at noon on Thursday, Feb 13 in Darwin 128 with a talk from Sean Mulcahy, an Associate Project Scientist at UC Berkeley and manager of the Electron Probe Microanalysis Laboratory. Mulcahy is a metamorphic petrologist and will give a talk entitled "Dating Subduction Zone Metamorphism in the Franciscan Complex, CA."

Many rocks in Northern California have been transformed by movement from plate tectonics. Minerals within the rocks record the path that the rocks have traveled. Mulcahy uses these rocks, in combination with structural studies, to test hypotheses of how Northern California formed and evolved.

To address these problems, he uses a variety of research tools in the field and laboratory, including structural mapping, metamorphic petrology, geochronology, geochemistry, and thermodynamic modeling.

All are invited to lunch following the seminar at the Overlook restaurant on campus.

For further information, contact Phillip Mooney, Geology Department,

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