Hammond and Morris Honored with Goldstein Award for Excellence in Scholarship

hammond.jpegkathymorris.jpegTwo professors who are committed to excellence in higher education and devotion to their students have been named the 2013-14 winners of the Bernie and Estelle Goldstein Awards for Excellence in Scholarship.

Dr. Debora Hammond (left), Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, and Dr. Kathy Morris (right), Department of Literacy, Elementary and Early Education, were honored for their
strong commitment to the teacher-scholar model.

The annual award recognizes the important connection between faculty professional development, scholarly creative activities, and enriched learning environments for students. Debora Hammond and Kathy Morris will be formally recognized at the annual Exposition of Faculty Research event later this spring. Each recipient will receive $1,500 to support their ongoing scholarship efforts.

Dr. Debora Hammond received her Ph.D. in History of Science from University of California, Berkeley. She is an international expert in the history of systems thinking; she has given plenary talks six times for the annual meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

She has over 20 publications on topics which range from systems thinking, to food, education, ecology and sustainability. Her book, The Science of Synthesis; Exploring the Social Implications of General Systems Theory was published in 2003.

She has also been an invited speaker, workshop organizer or participant in over 28 conferences and events. Her two recent publications in 2013 are "Reflections of Recursion and the Evolution of Learning" and "Systems Theory".

Dr. Hammond works with graduate students in the Hutchins Action for a Viable Future MA program, and as Coordinator of the MS in Organization Development. She has the honor to be selected as an invited participant to the 2014 International Federation for Systems Research Conversation which will be held in Linz, Austria.

This biennial event gathers a team of researchers together to work collaboratively for a week on a shared theoretical paper.

Dr. Kathy Morris received her Ph.D. in Educational Studies - Teacher Education from University of Michigan. Since joining the Sonoma State University faculty, Dr. Morris has authored or co-authored five peer reviewed publications, completed two book chapters and six other publications.

In addition, she participated in 38 conference presentations in 2003, alone. Dr. Morris has been a Carnegie Fellow on two different projects; The Goldman-Carnegie Quest project related to elementary school mathematics teaching and the MSRI Carnegie Elementary Math Project.

For the past five years Dr. Morris has been a Principal Investigator and Co-Director on grants totaling three and a half million dollars. This includes a current $500,000 state grant related to the California Common Core project. This work has led to her current book project on effective strategies for implementing math lessons.

Dr. Morris was instrumental in the design of the MA in Mathematics Education through the School of Education. Graduates of this program are teachers who go on to take leadership roles in the K-12 education system.

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