Greeks Give Back in Community Service Day

greekservice.jpegFrom cleaning up creeks to walking dogs and working at a food bank, SSU's Greek organizations gave back to the local community in early March. The inaugural Greek Community Service Day involved more than 600 fraternity and sorority members from 17 campus organizations.

In collaboration with Join Us in Making Progress (JUMP), the on-campus community service organization, the volunteers aimed to "show our investment in the city in which we reside and our desire to make substantial change," said Adam Rosenkranz of the SSU InterFraternity Council.

Greek volunteers worked with non-profit partners including Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, Sonoma State Community Garden, Catholic Charities Restyle Market, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Petaluma Bounty, Darling Farms, Canine Companions for Independence, four Sonoma County Parks, and two Sonoma County Water Agency creek clean-ups.

By the end of the day, students had packaged 6,000 pounds of food at the Redwood Empire Food Bank. They also cleared an acre at Darling Farms, a job that would have cost $8,000. Furthermore, the work they completed at the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue would have taken a full time employee an entire summer to complete.

"Students were able to see the substantial impact of their hours of service as well as learn about the various problems facing Sonoma County," said Rosenkranz. "Philanthropy and service are the pillars of fraternity and sorority life at SSU."

"The Greek community was a perfect example of how generous SSU students are with their time," said Jen Oberti of the Redwood Empire Food Bank. "We were impressed with how hard working and dedicated the SSU volunteers were."

greekswithpups.png"JUMP in particular had made a huge impact on how we have been able to grow our volunteer program. Every volunteer counts and we are so happy to be working with you all," said Jim Flint, Facility Manager, Canine Companions for Independence.

"It is so great to get willing volunteers into the areas that are too daunting for most volunteers. The weather was much colder and wetter than we'd hoped for but everyone hung in there," said a representative from the Sonoma County Water Agency.

Over the past year, Greeks have performed upwards of 8,000 community service hours and raised over $75,000 for non-profit organizations.

ABOVE: Greeks help out at the Redwood Empire Food Bank and at Canine Companions.

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