Remarkable French Play by Charlette Delbo, Holocaust Playwright, Staged April 2


A remarkable spectacle about the French Resistance and Deportation during World War II that retells the story of the women imprisoned in Auschwitz is coming to Sonoma State University on Wednesday, April 2 at 8 p.m. in Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall.

The French theatrical troupe Prospero Miranda will stage Je reviens de la vérité / I Return from the Truth in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Auschwitz survivor and author Charlotte Delbo.

The piece is comprised of evocations in 18 fragments of lives portrayed by Delbo in her longer play Who Will Relate These Words? Charlotte Delbo, who was sent to the concentration camp for printing and distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets in Occupied Paris, used theater as a way of holding on to humanity, staging Molière's The Imaginary Invalid from memory with her fellow non-Jewish women prisoners, all of whom had, ironically, just survived a bout of typhus.


Returning to Paris after the war, Delbo sought to give witness to the atrocities of the camps in her writings, demonstrating what Benjamin Ivry has called her "sustained rage and will to remember."

Celebrating Delbo's legacy and seeking to represent the reality of the camps in a way that does honor to those who lived, and died, there, Prospero Miranda director Agnes Braunschweig allows words, bodies, and vibration to transmit the images and emotions that underlie the women's refusal of dehumanization imposed by the Nazi concentration system, thus demonstrating that words - and theater - are stronger than death.

The production will be entirely in French, with supertitles in English. The event is sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, the School of Social Sciences, the Department of Theatre Arts, the Jewish Studies Program, and Associated Student Productions.

Admission to the event is free, but reservations are strongly encouraged, as seating is limited. Tickets may be reserved by calling Suzanne Toczyski, 707.664.4177 or e-mailing

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