Expanding Your Horizons Conference Unveils Careers in Science, Tech and Math for Middle School Girls

eyh.pngSeventh and eighth grade girls from Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties will discover the many opportunities available in the world of science and technology on Saturday, April 5 as a part of the 22nd annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference at Sonoma State University.

The conference is designed to help girls explore fields that require degrees in science, engineering, technology and math and prepare them for college and future careers.

Throughout the day, there will be a series of 19 hands-on workshops led by Sonoma State professors, students of the School of Science and Technology and local professionals from North Bay companies like Agilent, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, ZFA Structural Engineers, and Sonoma Technology, Inc.

The conference also features professionals and students who share their inspiration for pursuing a career in science and technology, what their career involves and what skills and education the career requires.

Five of the 14 workshops led by Sonoma State professors and students include:

1. "Race to Build NASA's Fermi Satellite!" - Carolyn Peruta, Lynn Cominsky, Physics and Astronomy
2. "Developing Animations Through Code" - Women in Computer Science Club: Kristy Yost, Jolie Nazor, Maddy Heit, Computer Science (Mentored by Suzanne Rivoire)
3. "Using Geometry with Computers" - Elizabeth Giuliani, Math and Statistics/Computer Science
4. "Got Mud?" - Michelle Goman, Geography/Earth Science
5. "Sparkly minerals, the building blocks of earth" - Nicole Myers, Geology

For a complete list of workshops, visit http://eyh-soco.org/workshops.shtml.

Throughout the conference, workshops are offered for parents and educators that shows them how they can help their daughters and students make informed decisions as high school and college approaches. Various topics include the college admission process, the role of social media in high school, and teen health and fitness.

For compete conference details, visit http://eyh-soco.org.

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