McNair Scholars Research on Display at Annual Symposium, April 8

SSU's McNair Scholars Program is holding its annual symposium, on April 8 in Student Center Ballrooms B, C, and D. All are welcome to attend.

The symposium is a multi-disciplinary presentation of undergraduate research. At the symposium, 25 McNair Scholars will be presenting research on topics covering a range of disciplines from within the social sciences, science and technology, and humanities.

These projects have been conducted under the guidance of SSU faculty members as part of the McNair Scholars' participation in the McNair Scholars program.The McNair Scholars program assists students from groups underrepresented in graduate education in preparing for and getting accepted into graduate school programs through workshops, individual advising, and research experiences.

Over the past six years, 96% of SSU McNair Scholars who have applied to graduate school programs have gotten accepted. The research experiences that culminate in the annual symposium presentations contribute significantly to that rate of success.

Presentations include:


The Moche: A Process of Sacrifice, Burial and the Afterlife

"I Still Dream Of Orgonon": The Cultural Transmission of Wilhelm Reich

Social Sciences:

No More Invisibility: The Role of Resilience on Children of Incarcerated Parents;

The Latino Vote in 2008

Military Sexual Trauma: A Judicial Perspective

Mentoring Relationships: The Perspectives of Former Foster Youth

Low Income Student Parents: Bridging from Welfare Participation to College Graduation

Fostering Multicultural Competence through Inter-Group Dialogues: Process, Outcomes, and Reflections

"It Wasn't Rape, She Wanted It": Masculinity Threat's Role in Rape Blame

Student Veterans: A Comparative Analysis of Reintegration Experiences

The Experience: An Analysis of the Retention and Graduation Rate of Black Students at Sonoma State University

Early Childhood Education: Benefits for Children from Low-Income Families;
Support Programs for Underrepresented Students

Providers of Social and Cultural Capital; How Well Do You Think You Know Yourself?
The Undeniable Connection Between Your Emotions and Your Body

"A Waste of Time": Attitudes Toward Foreign Language Education

Science and Technology:

The Effects of Nitroxyl (HNO) on the Selenoprotein Thioredoxin Reductase

Righting Time Comparison between Two Western Pond Turtle Cohorts

Analysis of the Reduction Potentials of the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases CD45, CD148, and SHP1

Mighty Morphin Backwards Walking: The Momentous Effects of Backwards Walking on an Individual's Hamstring Flexibility

A Comparison of the Redox Regulation of the Enzymes CD45 and CD148; Carnobacteriocin BII Bactericidial Assay

Calcification and Corrosion of a Coralline Seaweed; Isolation of a Chromium(III) Binding Protein After Exposure to Chromium(VI)

Change in Stream Conditions After Removing Livestock

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