SSU Students Plan for City of Cloverdale Targets Healthy Lifestyles

classphoto.jpgPromoting a healthy community is at the core of the policy recommendations report that SSU planning students will present to members of the Cloverdale City Council and Planning Commission on April 24 at 7 p.m. in the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center. The public is encouraged to attend.

The upcoming report includes recommendations for city goals, policies, and implementation measures that the students hope will preserve and enhance the unique character of Cloverdale.

Highlights from the recommendation report include a temporary plaza program for vacant lots, a recommendation for a skate garden, pedestrian safety improvements, increased recreation opportunities for all ages, and innovative housing design principles.

"We tried to create recommendations that reflected where California community planning is going while adhering to the town's unique desires and needs" said Della Acosta, editor and senior planning student at SSU.

Justin Sullivan, also a senior planning student said that "I think the 'Healthy Communities' section is the most exciting section of this report. It addresses connectivity issues throughout the town in a way that promotes healthier lifestyles for residents."

The Executive Director of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, Robin Wilkerson, said "I enjoyed talking with the students and relaying some of the character, history, and areas for growth when it comes to our community. I'm hoping they (policy recommendations) will be innovative yet practical to implement."

The Planning Workshop class is a two semester upper division course taught by professor Wayne Goldberg. The course is offered in the Sonoma State University Environmental Studies & Planning Department as a part of the Planning Concentration study plan which teaches students about city and regional planning.

After extensive surveying of the town, the Planning Workshop class completed and publicly presented their Existing Conditions Report to the town council in December of 2013. The report analyzed the town's current status and highlighted issues and opportunities that exist throughout the city.

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