Financial Yoga for College Grads: Get Over Your Fears, Increase Your Tech Skills

roberteyler.pngA blogger from US News and World reports asked for some advice from a wise financial soul to help college grads who are looking for work or just landed their first job.

Economics professor Robert Eyler had some compelling thoughts about living without a paycheck or on a pretty slim one for those first entering the world of work.

Think about it all as financial yoga; hurts now, helps later.

1. Increase your ability to use new and difficult technology tools.

For recent graduates who have the latest smartphone and tablets, the market will pay a premium for folks that utilize these tech tools well in traditional markets. For example, bring ideas to markets like finance, accounting, traditional sales, and other services that are potentially slow movers on technology may help you land a job more quickly. Develop knowledge of a statistical package (SPSS, STATA, SAS) and Excel for sure; if you have these abilities, bring that up immediately in an interview. If you can use Prezi for presentations, say it also.

2. Get over your fears of public speaking through practice.

One thing texting has done is make people more reluctant to have face-to-face conversations. Do not lose your ability (or start developing the ability) to command a conversation in person or a room if asked to present to a crowd.

Because the tide is turning more to informal communications as a norm, there is a niche market in speaking in front of people well. Future jobs are going to be about sales, specifically selling yourself and experiences, so bring passion to your speaking. Conquering fears and developing good speaking techniques will help long-term.

3. Live a going-to-die-at-100 lifestyle

Don't act like a psycho with money if you do not land a job soon. The more you spend, the more you will need to dig out of debt. One way to control your spending, if you know it may be a while before you get a job is to go to a local community college and take some courses on the above skills.

That will keep you focused, out of the bars, and (hopefully) out of debt. A lot of people I know that have struggled in the job market struggle in real life because they lived check to check. Build a mentality around war chests and you will be happier later if the job market is fickle. Think about it as financial yoga; hurts now, helps later.

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